What We Do at The Kildare Kennels

Our Kennels are built exceeding traditional standards, each of our dog's kennels' are provided with an individual sleeping and feeding enclosure with regular viewing by carer and an individual open area for your dog's comfort and exercise. Each dog is taken daily from their accommodation and walked (weather permitting!) or exercised in our one of our large, secure dedicated exercise area. boarding kennels dublin

Each Kennel is cleaned and disinfected Daily. There is access to water at all times and food is prepared and given as per owners instructions. We have a purpose built kitchen to prepare all foods, we also offer a freezer facility for fresh and cooked meats. boarding kennels offaly

We supply high quality dry and canned food, if your dog is on prescription or specialized foods i.e. Science Plan, Royal Canin, the owner should supply.If you do not wish for your Dog's diet to change while in our Boarding Kennels you are more than welcome to bring your dog's preferred food. Kildare dog boarding Kennels


Its my dogs first time in a Kennels will you text me to let me know how its going? Yes, if you wish you can receive updates from our boarding kennels in Kildare

Do you offer a collection and delivery service? Yes, please ring for details and availabilityin our boarding kennels

What are Kildare Kennels operating hours? We open every day Monday - Saturday 9:30am - 1pm & 5pm - 6:30pm Sunday's & Bank Holidays 10am - 1pm only. Opening hours from the 23rd of December to the 3rd of January, excluding Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, St Stephens Day and New Years Day, are as follows, 9:30am to 1pm no evening drop off or collection. As Kildare Kennels is located from our family home opening hours are strictly adhered to and we ask customers to respect our privacy outside of our opening hours

Will my dogs' be exercised? Yes, all dogs' are walked daily (weather permitting) and there are large, secure outdoor play areas where your dogs' are exercised throughout the day in our boarding Kennels Kildare

Do you provide food and bedding? Yes, we provide dry and canned food, but if you wish to provide your own so as not to change your dog's diet you are more than welcome. You may also bring any bedding and toys that will make your pet feel at homein our boarding Kennels Kildare

How large are the individual kennels? Our kennels were upgraded and each unit was built above average standards, our units are 8ftx12ft aprox which allows large family of dog's to share comfortably in our boarding Kennels Kildare

Do Kildare Kennels board Puppies? Yes, Puppies over 12 weeks can be boarded once they have received their full vaccinations and received their kennels cough vaccinations at least 10 days before entering the boarding kennels in Kildare

Do all dogs' boarding at the Kennels have to have a vaccination card? Yes, all owners must produce a current vaccination card, your dog will not be admitted to our boarding kennels without one so it is important to remember to bring this!

Does my Dog have access to water? Yes, water is very important and fresh water is always' available in our boarding Kennels Kildare

Is there a vet on call? Yes, Kildare Kennels has a vet on call should the need arise a vet will be called out to the Kennels. Any fee's incurred are at the owners expense

My dog is on medication can you admister it? Yes, but please discuss this when booking. There is no extra charge for this service

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